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Non-Surgical Liposuction: The Advantages and Hazards of New Procedures

Many who see their caloric intake and exercise frequently reach a weight-loss plateau or cannot decrease fat in certain areas, resulting in unsightly belly fat, saddlebags and love handles.

How can you lose this stubborn fat? And can there be a means to do so with no hassle, downtime and at times non-uniform outcomes of conventional and invasive liposuction processes?

Individuals are finding the body they had with nonsurgical liposuction. Three major processes have emerged:

  1. i-Lipo™
  2. CoolSculpting®


Patients may anticipate results of shedding 1-2 dress sizes throughout their course of remedies.

The Problem: i-Lipo does not eliminate fat cells but instead causes a temporary discharge of fat, which requires the individual to go back for the process on a regular basis till they can create substantial changes in their customs to prevent gaining weight.


Zerona uses cold laser technologies to discharge the mobile contents of fat cells without inducing harm to cells. Within minutes of laser vulnerability, fat cells start to come up with properties that are senile, allowing the evacuation of the cell’s contents to the extracellular space. After the contents of this fat cell are drained, they’re discharged into the interstitial space in which it could be passed through the body through its regular course of detoxification. Patients may expect to eliminate an average of 3-4 inches in the circumference of the own waist, hip, and thighs.

The Problem: like i-Lipo, Zerona does not eliminate fat cells but just induces a temporary discharge of fat. Furthermore, patients frequently need to possess six treatments within a two-week interval. Nutritional supplements can also be suggested for purchase, in addition to a diet plan and exercise plan, for results to be viewed.


Cryolipolysis reduces fat tissue rather of merely decreasing fat cells by employing a concentrated cooling procedure which kills fat cells beneath the skin by freezing them into the purpose of an elimination-a process called apoptosis. No knives, discoloration or needles are involved.

This was first detected by dimpling from the cheeks of kids eating popsicles.

Ethos Spa CoolSculpting typically contributes to a 20-25% decrease in fat. Ideal candidates for this process are contained in 10-20 pounds of their ideal body weight in line with the BMI-body mass indicator. The procedure takes about one hour per fat location. The applicator is put for one hour on every side for love handles, for instance. Patients have reported no pain and little distress, even though they may feel vacuum pressure along with a little pulling and tugging. The area gets numb when the temperature reaches 12° C. Patients may watch TV or work on their iPad through the process.

Later, the area might feel somewhat firm, maybe somewhat tender or tender, but normally returns to normal the following day. Patients usually begin seeing effects as early as 3 weeks, however, more so more than three weeks since the fat tissue melts as time passes. This is normally accomplished in 1 session, even however further sessions may be required on a case-by-case foundation.