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PinkMirror: A Site that Offers Free Facial Beauty Analysis

A facial beauty analysis is a geometric calculation of a person’s facial proportions. The calculation mainly involves the distance between the set of features such the eyes, nose, and lips. It is the balance that is prioritized within this algorithm that is called the Aesthetic principles. The principles are shortened into two basic rules, which are the ‘Rule of Fifths’ as well as the ‘Rule of Thirds’.

The Rule of Fifths divides facial proportions into five segments vertically by the width of an eye. The rule works by measuring the width of each segment and that the distance is approximately the same with the other segments, thus falling into a perfectly symmetrical line of having a balanced face. The ‘Rule of Thirds’ also divides facial proportions, but instead five in vertical lines, this rule have it segmented into three lines horizontally where each line falls just at the start of a feature and at an end of one. For example the first line starts at the tip of the forehead and ends right at the eyebrows, the second line begins where the previous line stops and ends at the edge of the nose, and finally, the third line ends at the bottom of the chin.

The rules are more fitting towards female faces, while males would also have these rules applied to them but in a slightly different manner.

PinkMirror offers facial beauty analysis free. It is easy to get score by just uploading photos of yourself and wait until the site works their magic and presents a better photo of yourself as well as a facial beauty score. The score is calculated by the rules, and whether or not these facial beauty scores matter to you, it still does hold some information on how your face is proportioned. However, for a more accurate result, the score is also determined by how you angled your photo. So, having a photo of yourself looking straight into the camera with your face forward will most probably improve your facial beauty analysis score.