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Ways Your Smartphone Can Track You

Having a smartphone is incredibly convenient as it is a device supplied with unlimited information. Not only do they provide the ability to call, send and receive messages, but they also have other applications that can assist in making daily tasks so much more easier. It’s no doubt that the majority of smartphones have an inbuilt Global Positioning System (GPS) that connects your phone to the navigational satellite, which allows you to navigate anywhere when you are lost, or help you find friends that are close to you. However, hackers can easily tamper with your GPS system without you even knowing it, and that can make you a victim of data theft.

Data theft is quite common as it contains valuable pieces of information easily sold at a price for businesses needing customer data. But, a hacked GPS system also allows the user to be susceptible to unwanted theft and stalking. Operating systems such as Android and iOS have their own official application stores that contain apps clean from malware that connects the user’s phone to the hacker. This is one of the reasons why tech experts advise that users prevent downloading applications from unknown sources.

The GPS system is widely used in many smartphone applications today. Not just for navigation systems, but also for social media, games, and delivery services. Many people who are highly cautious in keeping their data safe has advised disabling GPS for specific apps after use to prevent it from running in the background.

Even so, whether it’s an application in development or if you’re just trying to do something fun like downloading an app that hack WhatsApp chat services, be sure that you’re downloading it from a trusted source.